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Hampton-in-Arden Clinic
(Neurological Request)
Mayfield, Solihull Road
Hampton-in-Arden B92 OET
07931 755751

At this time due to construction work, the bridge over the M42 is currently closed and the clinic is only accessible from the Hampton in Arden side of the motorway.
Although there is a 'Road Closed' sign please continue to the clinic. There may be a security hut to advise people of the road closure, please tell them you are going to Mayfield. When the road splits, please stick to the left side.

Knowle Clinic
(Orthopaedic/Sports Referral)
1745 Warwick Road
Knowle Solihull, B93 0LX
07814 454926
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Mayfield, Solihull Road, Hampton in Arden, B92 0ET
West Midlands

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