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  • What does a physiotherapist do?
    They will carry out a detailed history and assessment to evaluate your specific needs. They will discuss their findings and jointly device a treatment plan with joints goals. Treatment may consist of a variety of modalities including: Manual Therapy: Manual techniques to relieve muscular tone, encourage blood flow and healing prior to addressing. Muscle Imbalance: May consist of individual exercise and stretching techniques to assist with improved function and alignment. Correction of posture and gait to improve joint alignment and function. Neuromuscular stimulation to assist the muscle tissue to fire in the correct pattern and stabilise joint structures. Other techniques such as electrotherapy and acupuncture.
  • How long is my session?
    Initial assessment session will be approximately an hour, and follow up sessions are around 30-40 minutes for musculoskeletal treatments and an hour for neurological rehabilitation of adults and children.
  • What should I wear?
    If possible please wear loose clothing such as a tracksuit, or shorts and a vest top. This will allow the therapist to look at all aspects of your range and movement.
  • How much does it cost?
    Written quotations are provided following initial enquiry. Due to the extreme variability of each report, costs vary depending upon a number of factors including: Location of client. Complexity of the case. Amount of other material for consideration. Specific details required within each report. All of these factors can be discussed with the referring solicitor or case manager.
  • Can I claim through my health insurance?
    We are covered by most of the major insurance companies eg. BUPA, Aviva, Simply Health, WPA, Exeter Friendly. Please check with your insurer regarding your individual policy details.
  • Do I need a referral
    Physiotherapists are autonomous practitioners; therefore you do not need a referral in order to see us.
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